Gaspard Sartre

Simply Different

Casual, elegant and with clear styling, timepieces from a good manufacturer are versatile accessories for all occasions. Select a new favourite look, reinvent yourself and your style, you can do that daily with these simple cases with clear, uncluttered dials and the optional changeable bracelets. No matter what size and colour you choose in this uniquely versatile unisex watch - a 36 or 42 millimetre diameter casing, in stainless steel or the ion-plated versions in black, gold or pink - all possible combinations are available to you with the Gaspard Sartre bracelets.

Create a lasting impression during the day and on the tennis court with a casual Nato-Strap; the leather straps are flattering for more elegant occasions. Depending on your mood, you can wear a different combination on your wrist every day and ask yourself: What's it to be today?